Part a new cooking CIbimBO in Milan, and this time is dedicated to mother’s day; to publish our offer is GROUPON

In this course we decided to prepare a sweet surprise for our mothers for this, we can’t reveal too much detail but surely what we can say that, as with all our courses, there will be a tribute to take home along with what you have prepared.


CIbimBO offers cooking classes-ludo workshops-with products of excellent quality, with no preservatives or dyes, without chemical additives, particularly suitable for children because they are prepared according to the best Italian traditions. It is our mission to always. The companies selected are all Italian, small and craft. During the course we will offer to everyone here TREEHUG an energy drink without chemical additives.

IMG-20,160,324-WA0003The location:

The location we chose is a small natural island in Milan. The large garden surrounding the restaurant, La Sbranetta, via Lampedusa 13 is ideal for a relaxing afternoon. Children can play quiet and watch cocks and hens that roam undisturbed until evening, when they decide then to appoiallarsi on trees for the night.



Usable by 21.05.2016

Valid every Saturday afternoon with a minimum of 30 participants
Reservations required at number Nicoletta 393.5378005.

Choose between 2 options

The pastry “fill them the heart”, dedicated to mother’s day, lasts for an hour and a half, with a minimum of 30 participants and includes:

the choice of ingredients
stock preparation
cooking and production of biscuits
preparation of chocolates
assortment of jams for decoration
other decorative ingredients
kitchen equipped workstations
instruments to use to prepare the recipe
cooking times and ways to realize the recipe
final tasting of recipes prepared
certificate of attendance

In addition to the homemade desserts that will be taken home, the coupon includes a tribute to mom.

The courses are held at the restaurant La Sbranetta, via Lampedusa 13 in Milan, a small room in a large housing complex. The enclosed front garden allows children to move freely, observing cocks and hens scratching or perch on trees.

CIbimBO is a site of nutrition education that promotes a diet without preservatives or colorants, without chemical additives, handcrafted, high quality, that are being used, explained and given away to children, to stimulate their interest in healthy foods, essential for proper growth. On the occasion of mother’s day, this course focuses on the preparation and decoration of cookies and chocolates.

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